H.O.OVWIGHO & CO’s legal practitioners regularly handle significant commercial, Civil criminal, immigration, and other disputes in all the Nigeria Courts, including the Rent Tribunal, Industrial courts, Magistrate courts, Election Petition Tribunal, High Court, Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court, and other special courts

Commercial Matter

This area covers serves such as involving the Solicitors in commercial negotiation and other business meetings.

Attending meetings and writing appropriate letter, memoranda or other documents on behalf of the company.

Giving professional advice no new business proposals and contracts involving the company.

Drafting Agreement

Apart form rendering professional advice on business or commercial matters, our general Retainership also covers the area of drafting agreement on all areas of commercial on business matters to serve as protections for the against future commercial dispute.

Court Actions

Our general Retainership also covers the area of litigation involving the company. We could initiate action against any individual(s) or company on the instruction of the company. The same Retainership also coves defending the company in law suits where the company is sued.

Secured Credits

To protect the company we render advice on every credit sale made by the company. In all cases where the company is releasing its product for any form of future payment, whether outright credit sale or hire purchase sale, adequate protective advice are given and the necessary documentations are made regarding the issue of security for payment.

Debt Recovery

We take actions to recover all debts owed to the company. Such action could take the form of letters of demand, appeal or negotiation, schedule of payment, realization of security where there is any security for the debt owed and instituting Court actions when customers or the debtors are unwilling to pay.

Legal Consultancy

Solicitors Retainership also covers the important area of expansion of business and re- investment matters such as:

Formation or Incorporation of new companies, Expansion of share Capitals, Change of Directors, Creation of new finances through creation of charges, debentures and other forms of loan finance, Creation and enlargement of shares and stocks and Change of transformation of a private company to a public company.

General Company Security

As Solicitors on Retainership we assist a great deal in ensuring that the company carriers on business in a secured atmosphere free form harassment or unlawful extortions.

Necessary advice and protection are rendered in area of police, State Security S.S.S. matter and other related problems.

Property And Real Estate Development

In this area numerous professional services are rendered from time to time which includes:

Conducting searches on land or properties at the Land Registry, Negotiation and preparation of Contract of Sale and Deeds of Transfer, Perfection of land or property documents.

International Commercial Transactions and Arbitration

Professional advice and services including necessary documentation are also rendered to clients to cover trans-boarder transactions or transactions involving more than one or two nationals. Necessary advice and documentations are made to protect the interest of the Company.

General Matters

There are a few other areas covered by our general Retainership. These are areas in which your Company may request our services to ensure the realization of its business objectives.

Professional services could as well be rendered in matters auxiliary to those listed above. This includes the area of insurance and other matters.